What is the weather like on the Gold Coast?

When travelling to the Gold Coast, you need to consider the weather.

Unlike many of our southern cities, the Gold Coast Weather stays consistent throughout the day but you should always check the weather prior to heading out just in case you are going into an area that experiences cooler or warmer temperatures.

When you are planning to head to the Gold Coast, consider the next few points when packing.

The Gold Coast averages 245 days of fine and sunny weather each year with the rain falling generally throughout the summer period of December to February.

During summer, the average temperature on the Gold Coast is 20-28°C. It can be quite humid in the summer months with it being cooler the closer you head towards the beachside suburbs. In the Gold Coast Hinterland, the temperatures can get rather warm and a little sticky.

In autumn, which is between March to May, sunny days are followed by warm evenings and nights. Gold Coast Autumn weather is generally 16-26°C.

Winter weather on the Gold Coast is often dry with plenty of sun with temperatures at 11-21°C. Humidity is low, the days are warm but the nights can get a little chilly so don’t be fooled and pack some winter jumpers and jackets if you plan to go trekking.

Spring is between September to November and is filled with sunny days mixed with mild to tropical evenings but it can get a little windy. Temperatures are generally 15-25°C.

The Gold Coast Hinterland can see higher temperatures in summer and cooler in winter. At times it does receive higher rainfall than the rest of the Gold Coast so pack accordingly.