2023 Wedding Trends We Love | Receptions

The Gold Coast Farm House offers a unique location for wedding celebrations. With a beautiful, blank, natural canvas to work with, we love seeing how our couples transform the space. While every wedding is different, we have seen some recurring themes and innovative ideas that make for a memorable celebration. Let us inspire you with our favourite 2023 wedding trends from our receptions at the Farm House.

Take inspiration from our wedding reception trends and see how you can incorporate these ideas for your special day

Low Key Lighting

The night sky in the Gold Coast Hinterland is a wonder to behold. The pitch black sky allows all the stars to flicker and shine, creating a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor wedding celebration. To make the most of this naturally occurring light show, low key lighting has become a trend at our weddings. Twinkling fairy lights, low lit festoons, and natural fire pits, add an ambient glow to light up your wedding reception without disturbing nature’s dreamy display.

Create an ambient atmosphere for your night reception

Cocktails & Towers

Signature cocktails are a big trend for creating a memorable time for you and your guests. Working with your bartender to create a delicious drink to commemorate your union is worth considering. Champagne towers also add impact for your wedding toast. They make for a fabulous photo opportunity and provide a fun, interactive moment for you and your guests. Think about using local wineries and distilleries to make your drink offerings even more unique.

Add a little flair to your beverage offering with signature cocktails and champagne towers

Under the Stars

While we encourage having a plan B, a wedding reception held under the stunning Hinterland sky is an unforgettable experience. More couples are taking the plunge, when the weather permits, to drink, dine, and dance under the stars. Spring and summer are the best times to embrace this trend with comfortable temperatures allowing guest to truly enjoy the experience.

When the weather is on your side, there is nothing quite like dining under the stars

Banquet Tables

Whether your guest list is intimate or large, banquet tables are a trend that many couples are choosing for their reception. Long, banquet tables make guests feel part of the action with a sense of community and belonging. Longer tables also make for easier seating arrangements and encourage both group and intimate conversation. Not only that, but they look spectacular when styled with either a minimalist approach or maximalist flair.

Picnic Style

While the Farm House can be used to host a flamboyant formal affair, many couples are drawn to the relaxed atmosphere inspired by the natural surrounds. Picnic style wedding receptions are becoming popular in the warmer months, with couples making the most of the balmy nights and dreamy sunsets. Provide your guests with comfortable, casual seating, grazing boards or a street food style menu, and you’ll treat them to a chilled celebration where than can feel relaxed and free to be themselves.

Create a relaxed atmosphere with a picnic style reception on the lawn


While a “farm” setting conjures up images of rustic style decor, the Farm House truly can be transformed with any theme you like. With multiple reception locations and choices, you can embrace a natural, vintage vibe, or go for ultra modern clean lines. The choice is yours. We are loving all the trends adopted by our couples to create the setting of their dreams.

Every theme is possible at the Farm House, from modern minimalism to eclectic vintage style

Nights Aglow

While low lighting is a trend, so too is utilising different sources to create an eye catching setting for your night time celebration. A tipi wedding, in particular, can look absolutely breathtaking with clever lighting placement. Use up-lighting to illuminate nearby trees and festoon lights to create a festive atmosphere. Fairy lights can be wrapped around almost anything to create a whimsical backdrop for your special moments.

Use different light sources to illuminate your reception venue

Afternoon Delight

Not every wedding reception needs to go on into the night. A popular trend is a “start early, finish early” approach to your wedding celebration. Hinterland days during the winter months offer some of the most spectacular weather for weddings. A daytime ceremony and afternoon reception allows you to enjoy the warm sun in comfort before the temperature drops at dusk. Your guests will feel relaxed with a more casual approach, and those who want to continue to party can easily head back into the Gold Coast to make a night of it.

Start early, finish early and enjoy the sunshine at your afternoon reception

Help Yourself

Grazing tables, dessert bars, and DIY food stations are a big trend in catering. Whether they are the main fare or form part of a larger menu, self serve stations are a relaxed way to offer your guests a variety of delicacies. It is also helpful for satisfying different dietary requirements. Guests will feel appreciated if they can see there are various options for them to choose from.

Grazing tables and DIY food stations allow you to offer a variety of food for your guests

Creative Cakes

Cutting the cake will always be a lovely wedding tradition. Now, however, instead of slicing up the beautiful bake, cake designers are creating fabulous towers of treats to easily serve your guests dessert. The trend towards cake towers is growing with many couples choosing to offer their guests delicious sweets such as donuts or cupcakes. This is an easy way to self serve dessert for those who enjoy a sweet treat at the end of the night.

Delight your guests with sweet treats with an eye-catching wedding cake display

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