A bride and groom pose on a dusty trail with national park, lakes and mountains in the background

Destination Weddings – Pros and Cons

Choosing to wed away from home can be an extraordinary experience. The excitement of being away from the everyday and familiar creates lasting memories for you and your guests. Destination weddings offer an opportunity for everyone to travel to a fabulous new location and share in the experience together.

The Gold Coast Farm House regularly hosts couples from far away with guests coming from all over Australia and often internationally. While the benefits far out way the challenges, there are still things to consider when planning a destination wedding.

From our experience and expertise with destination weddings, we’ve compiled a list of pros on cons for you to think about. While we have related these to celebrations at the Farm House, many of the ideas translate to any other destination wedding location.

Destination Wedding Pros

Breathtaking Views and Incredible Photos

A destination wedding allows you to choose amazing locations with stunning views and unique natural landscapes, to enhance your experience and your photos.

The Gold Coast Farm House boasts green, rolling lawns, a backdrop of lush National Park, and mountain ranges in the distance for a truly breathtaking landscape. Your guests will be in awe of the stunning natural backdrop at the Farm House, and your photos will look incredible.

Wedding guests congregate on the lawn outside the farm house
Have your destination wedding in a breathtaking outdoor location

Intimate and Engaging

Guests will usually spend several days at a destination wedding location, often staying nearby one another. This allows for your family and friends to get to know each other before, during and after the celebration.

Couples getting married at the Farm House suggest guests stay in the same hotel. Not only does this make it easier to transport the group out to the Farm House, but guests have the opportunity to spend time together getting to know each other better or reunite with existing friends and family.

Vacation and Honeymoon Destination

A destination wedding allows everyone to have a holiday. You and your partner can choose to honeymoon at the location or travel elsewhere. Most guests love an excuse to travel and what better reason than a fabulous wedding celebration to take a trip.

The Gold Coast offers an ideal destination for a honeymoon or vacation. With stunning beaches, beautiful mountain ranges, and endless activities, you can choose to have an action packed getaway or relax in the wonder of nature.

Wedding couple walk hand in hand on the farm house lawn
Celebrate your wedding in the beauty of nature

Quality over Quantity

This may seem a little harsh but a destination wedding can keep your guest list in check. Only those who want to make the effort will attend. This way you’ll know that everyone there is invested in your celebration. This also helps keep costs down with fewer guests meaning less to cater for.

The Gold Coast Farm House can accommodate large weddings but we can also create beautiful intimate affairs to remember. No matter your number, a wedding at the Farm House will be everything you dreamed of.

Extended Celebrations

Destination weddings often see the wedding party and guests spending at least a few days at the location. This allows for more than one celebration with couples often organising pre and post wedding events. Whether its breakfast together the next day or a full long weekend of festivities, make your big day a few big days and create fabulous memories together with a destination wedding.

Hosting your wedding at the Farm House allows you to utilise everything the Gold Coast has to offer. Get you guests together for a barbeque by the beach, a bush walk in the Hinterland, a night out at the casino, or go all out and have a fun day at one of the theme parks. Whatever your vibe, the Gold Coast has something for everyone.

Newly married couple are showered with confetti by wedding guests
Make your celebration last longer with a destination wedding

Destination Wedding Cons

Expensive for Guests

Having to travel and pay for accommodation can be limiting for some of your guests. Whether they are unable to attend due to financial limitations, time constraints, physical ability, or another challenge, you might find some of your guests just cannot make it to your location.

Travel Hiccups

While most of the world is once again open for travel, disruption to the airline industry is causing problems for some travellers. With reduced staff numbers many are experiencing cancelled or delayed flights and lost luggage. Couples and guests should keep this in mind when booking flights and packing check in bags.

Harder to Organise

A destination wedding can be challenging to organise remotely. Liaising with vendors, stylists, planners, as well as the venue, can be difficult at the best of times, but physical distance and differing time zones can make it seem near impossible. Be sure to choose a wedding venue that offers an onsite venue organiser and opt for their recommended vendors.

The Gold Coast Farm House have venue organisers at your disposal to help you plan your big day. They can suggest preferred vendors to bring your big day together and even provide inhouse styling to make planning even easier.