Gold Coast Wedding Photographers

Best Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

Make sure you choose the best photographer to capture your memories on your special day.  There are so many talented photographers out there, make sure you find someone that you feel comfortable to relax and work with for your wedding.  Photographers book out early, especially the good ones, so book ahead and secure your date early in your wedding planning.

We’ve made a list of some of our favourite wedding photographers here on the Gold Coast.  Have a look at the different styles and feel free to contact them to get their packages.

Boy Burton Weddings

Bringing passion, high energy and experience to your wedding day, Andy is an expert at drawing out your personalities to capture the most authentic and epic moments of your big day. Andy knows when to jump in and seize the opportunity to shoot beautiful moments, but also when to hang back and let you and your guests enjoy the day. 

Approachable and full of banter- Andy is an asset to any wedding. 

“I love to photograph at Gold Coast Farmhouse. The rustic country and landscape views make this place an epic venue to shoot. The coordinators are so helpful and brilliant to work with. I come with experience, lots of fun and capture beautiful photography for weddings.”

Renee Green Creative

From, a background in architectural and interiors photography, Renee has discovered her love for weddings and never looked back. Working all over the world, from New York to Australia, Renee has an eye for timeless, crisp and clean images highlighting all the best elements of your day. 

No stranger to an editorial-style wedding, all of Renee’s shots look pulled straight from a bridal magazine. Knowing how to capture the most intimate moments of the day, Renee knows how to work any crowd, but loves a smaller affair so she can catch all the best moments. 


An expert at the candid moment, Sam is somehow everywhere at all times on your wedding day. Specialising in ‘no cheese and no cringe’, Sam makes sure you feel comfortable in all of your portraits and delivers only the most authentic and true to you images that are sure to make their place in the picture frames in your home. 

Big weddings are Sam’s jam, he’s an expert at capturing the intimate moments as well as some epic group shots- your vision for your wedding photos is Sam’s vision. So don’t be shy go big or go home. 

Love Tank Studio

Rachel from Love Tank is a travelling wedding photographer, with an intimate knowledge of Gold Coast Farm House (she was married there!). Pursuing her passion for capturing others’ love, she loves to tell the true love stories of real-life lovers. Her passion for connection and creating space for unapologetic humans to express their love shines clearly through her photos. 

Capturing all the best moments- from gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes or laughing so hard you are snorting, Rachel is an expert at making the two of you feel like you are the only people on the planet.  

Kirk Willcox

Kirk is an expert at putting your mind at ease to capture only the best moments from your big day. Working all over the world, Kirk combines his love for beautiful picturesque locations with his passion for couples photography to create stunning shots. A huge people person Kirk is an expert at making you feel comfortable and confident for your wedding day, so you won’t have to worry about awkward smiles or forced laughter in your photos.

Kirk only does a limited number of weddings per year- so if you’d like him to be a part of your wedding day make sure to enquire with him ASAP.

Sean Reefman

Sean believes life is a whole lot more fun when we let love steal the show which is exactly why Sean does what he does.

Letting your most effortless moments meet their creative spark, so that you can sit back and soak up the ones you love.

When your eyes meet across the room, when their hands find home in yours, when there’s not a dry eye in the house, these are the moments he lives to celebrate every single day (and left the 9-5 grind to do).

After hundreds of weddings with his camera in hand and now with the pleasure of mentoring other photographers, it’s a privilege for him to help you tell your own love story and capture the moments that celebrate your life.

Choosing your Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer for you is an extremely important part of your wedding planning. You want your photographer to capture your special day in a way that’s right for you, as these photos are ones that will last a lifetime.

Make sure you set up interviews with some of the photographers you like and meet with them to see who you feel most comfortable spending your special day with.  The more comfortable you are with the photographer you choose the better your photos will be.