Ideas for The Perfect Hens Party

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Every bride deserves her own unforgettable celebration on the journey towards wedded bliss. The hens party is the ultimate prelude to the wedding day, a time for you and your closest friends to come together and create memories to last a lifetime. Whether you are planning your own party or having your bridesmaids take charge, the quest for the perfect bachelorette experience starts here.

Whether you dream of a weekend retreat, an adventure-filled escapade, or a classy soiree, we’ve curated a collection of ideas to inspire your last fling before the ring! Let the festivities begin!

3 women dressed in ivory silk robes toast with champagne flutes

Themed Hens Parties

Themed parties always start off strong. The fun of dressing up and choosing an outfit to fit the theme is part of the theatrics and joy. Themed hens parties offer a unique and memorable way to celebrate you and your upcoming nuptials. Choose a theme that reflects your personality and the things you love. It can be humorous or chic, naughty or nice, relaxing or adventurous. You can go all out with a dress up party or have your guests wear one colour, while you stand out in your favourite shade.

Destination Hens Parties

Getting away with your girls for a hens celebration is becoming more and more popular. A destination bachelorette is an exciting way to spend time with your closest friends before you begin your new married life. Think about what you would like to do on your getaway and choose a destination that suits your vibe. Relax in the mountains, party in the city, or enjoy a beachside cocktail. Choose a location that will suit all your guests, being mindful of budget, accessibility, and time constraints. The Gold Coast is an amazing destination to celebrate with your group. You can easily move from relaxation to party mode, all with a stunning view.

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Bachelorette Decor and Accessories

Your imagination is the only limit to how you can decorate and accessorise your hens party. Purpose made hens party decor is readily available in a range of budgets and styles. You can also get crafty with DIY bachelorette decor and accessories to suit your theme and what you’ve got planned for your celebration. Consider your guest list as to how risque or cheeky you get with wearables and decor, and be sure to stay true to you. If your bridal party is organising your event, ensure you set your expectations and boundaries. Everyone has a different idea about what is fun and appropriate.

Unique Games and Activities

Hens party games can be hit and miss. If you and your bridal party have some ideas in mind, practice the game before your event, or choose a successful one that you’ve played before. You don’t need a lot of space for bachelorette games. You can play trivia, bingo, and puzzle solving games around a dining table or at the bar. Any game can be turned into a drinking game if that’s your style. You can choose a meaningful activity like advice cards, where your guests write down marriage advice or their favourite memory with the bride. Or you can go all out and partake in a life drawing class with a cheeky male model.

A bride and her 4 bridesmaids sit on the bed together with a sign behind them that  says "Bride To Be"

Wellness and Relaxation Bachelorette

If partying isn’t your vibe and you’d prefer a slower pace in the lead up to your big day, choose a relaxing hens event. A weekend at a wellness retreat or a day at the spa can be a lovely way to unwind and connect with your group. Bath houses have become popular with many offering group bookings. You can have a soak together, get massages and facials, and truly unwind. If you’re into beauty and pampering, head to a blow dry bar, where you can all have your hair done and enjoy a cocktail or bubbles in luxury. Organise a manicurist to treat all your guests to a little treat or take advantage of makeup services offered at the salon.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

Get out in nature for your bachelorette celebration. Take a scenic walk to a picturesque picnic spot or natural swimming location. Book you and your group into a surfing lesson or stand up paddled board class. Don’t let the boys have all the fun, see what the fuss is about with paintball, virtual reality games, or even a golf day. Take a bike tour along the coastline, stopping to drink, dine, or swim along the way. Once again, take into consideration accessibility and budget, so you don’t exclude any of your guests.

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Winery or Distillery Tours

The Gold Coast region is an amazing destination for wineries, breweries, and distilleries. You don’t need to be a drinker to enjoy these activities, as most locations pride themselves on delicious food and other refreshments. Organise a private tour bus to take you on a winery tour or choose a location where you can spend the afternoon enjoying good food, live music, and locally produced drinks. Check ahead of time for any dietary requirements and accessibility as these locales are usually in out of the way places.

Hens Party Playlist

Take control of the party vibe by curating a playlist of songs that you love. Or better still, create a shareable playlist that your guests can add their favourite party songs to. This will ensure all your guests enjoy the atmosphere and will be extra excited when their song comes on. You can create different playlists to set the mood throughout your celebration. Incorporate the playlist into your party games, with guests having to get up and dance or take a sip when their song is played.

Hens Party Favours

Give your guests a little treat with a commemorative bachelorette gift. Gift bags are a great idea. You can fill customised tote bags with everything your girls need for a good time or a successful recovery. Think personalised shot glasses or champagne flutes for the party and recovery kits for the morning after. Give a gift of pampering with a collection of beauty essentials to prepare for the big day. Sheet masks, claw clips, lip balms, and beauty accessories are all inexpensive and a lovely way to show your appreciation for the fabulous women in your life. When choosing gifts and party favours, consider your guest list and personalise your selection. If you want to gift something more meaningful, you can write a personalised card or letter to each guest, sharing your favourite memories together or how they’ve made an impact in your life.

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