Two brides dance their first dance together as wedding guests watch on

Learn to Dance for Your Wedding

One of the most memorable moments of your wedding is the first dance. There are so many unique and personal ways to approach your first dance together as newlyweds, but you might need some help. If you want to learn to dance for your wedding, there are many ways to achieve your goal and make lasting memories for you, your love, and your guests.

Bride and groom dance together as the groom dips the bride and kisses her
Create a memorable moment with a first dance that wows your wedding guests

The Importance of the Wedding Dance

From its Aristocratic beginnings, the wedding dance has evolved over the centuries. Originally a gesture made by guests of the newlyweds, it has become a symbolic and special moment in wedding celebrations over the world. The newlywed couple celebrate their union by dancing with one another to a sentimental piece of music, then open up the floor for guests to join in.

The first dance is usually performed after dinner and formalities have come to an end. It is a way to invite guests into the next part of the reception – the party! The first dance varies from wedding to wedding with many couples using the time to reconnect with a slow and intimate embrace. Other couples go to extraordinary lengths to learn a choregraphed routine to impress and entertain their guests.

Whether you choose an intimate moment with your partner or involve your guests, enjoy this time together

With such an integral part of the wedding celebration, it is important to make your first dance meaningful for you and your partner. This may be as simple as choosing the perfect song to sway to together, or you might like to enlist the expertise of a professional dance instructor to help you create a memorable performance to wow your guests.

Whatever your style, we have put together a list of steps to help you achieve the first dance of your dreams.

Steps to Executing an Unforgettable Wedding Dance

Music Selection

Choosing a song to dance your first dance can be the easiest or hardest thing to do. Whether you choose a popular hit, timeless wedding music, or a song that holds sentimental value, make sure it’s a tune you can dance to. Share some quality time with your beloved, play your favourite songs, and dance the night away. You’ll find your first dance song and create a beautiful memory at the same time. Once you’ve chosen your music, decide whether you want it played live by a musician. We’ve had some amazing musicians at the Gold Coast Farm House, so take a look at some of our favourite performers.

Choosing the Right Dance Style

Once your song is selected, decide on the style of dance you wish to perform. If all you want is to slow dance and sway in your lover’s arms, then this is where you can leave us. If, however, you want your first dance to be more polished and choreographed, stay with us. Decide for yourself or engage the expertise of a dance instructor to help you choose the style of dance that best suits your music or your personal style. Waltz, foxtrot, salsa, tango or a modern choreographed routine, there are endless ways to dance your first dance.

Pick your dance style and make it your own for your first wedding dance together

Find A Dance Instructor

Engaging the expertise of a dance instructor to help you navigate this part of your wedding is a great idea. An instructor will help you find your style, ease any nerves, and give you the skills and confidence to execute the first dance of your dreams. There are many instructors out there, so do a little research to find the one who works best for you.  You could even find an online wedding dance lesson or tutorial if you prefer.

On the Gold Coast, try Sarah Elizabeth Dance, My Dance Studio, or Wedding Dance Classes.

Timelines and Planning

Once you’ve found your instructor or online tutorial, work out how long you will need to achieve your goal. Be honest about how much time you are willing to commit to learning your dance, and book your first dance wedding lessons in advance. Setting aside time to learn something new with your partner will enrich your relationship and get you even more excited about your big day.

Your first dance should be a reflection of you, so enjoy the moment whether you twirl or sway

Choreographing the Dance

Do you want to personalise your dance routine? Are there any unique elements you want to incorporate into your dance? Work with your instructor or have fun coming up with ways to truly personalise your dance, making it memorable for you and your guests. Learn basic dance steps for your wedding dance or take it up a notch for an unforgettable performance.

Incorporate Surprises

Surprise your guests with unexpected moves or incorporate your bridal party in a flash mob style performance. This will take a little more organisation, but if you can pull off a group dance, you will create long lasting memories and lots of fun and laughter at your wedding reception.

Involve your wedding party in your dance to get the party started

Overcoming Dance Anxiety

The thought of stepping out onto the dancefloor in front of your nearest and dearest, can be a little overwhelming. Overcoming your dance anxiety is possible and can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. If you are dreading the moment, make sure you are not committing to something that is so far out of your comfort zone that you won’t enjoy it.

If it is something that you really want to do, there are practical ways to prepare yourself. Practice in front of the mirror, focus on the connection with your partner, embrace the joy of the moment. You’ll be surprised how easy it will be when you’re swept up in the moment in the arms of the love of your life.

Playing classic wedding reception songs is always a good idea to keep guests dancing