Sole Mates | Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Choosing the right wedding shoes is a must. Not only do you want footwear that looks fabulous and works with your gown or suit, but they need to satisfy other requirements. Your shoes need to withstand hours of celebrating including lots of walking, standing, and dancing! They also need to suit your wedding venue. For example, a stiletto heel won’t work too well on a grassy hill!

To help you find the perfect wedding shoes for your special day, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when choosing your footwear.

Bride wears white ankle boots with her wedding gown
Boots are a great choice for a farm wedding

Comfort is Key

The most important thing to consider when choosing your wedding footwear is comfort. Wedding days can easily extend beyond 12 hours, with most of that time spent on your feet. With so many options for footwear, there’s no need to sacrifice style to achieve a comfortable feel. While resorting to bare feet is not unusual, it’s not ideal, so finding wedding shoes that feel good and look great is key.

Brides wear sneakers under their gown for a comfortable wedding experience
Prioritise comfort with a cool pair of sneakers

Wedding Venue Matters

Weddings held at the Gold Coast Farm House can include varied terrain. The Farm House itself is fine for any type of footwear, but once you head onto the property, you need to be more considered with your shoes. Outdoor weddings on grassy lawns and hills require a sturdy shoe that is easy to walk in. If you are changing locations from an open lawn to a timber floor, consider a shoe that will work for both surfaces.

Brown leather boots for a farm wedding
Go for a practical and stylish boot for an outdoor wedding

Material and Season

Once again, for an outdoor wedding, you need to be mindful of the effects of the weather as well as the terrain. A delicate fabric such as satin or suede can be quickly damaged by wet or dewy grass. If there has been considerable rainfall prior to your wedding, be aware of any muddy or slippery surfaces. Consider the season you’ll be married and choose a shoe made from a suitable material.

Bride wears white Doc Martin boots under her lace gown.
Winter weddings outdoor call for a unique pair of shoes

Personal Style

Everything about your wedding should be a true representation of yours and your partner’s personal style. You can easily get caught up in what’s traditional or expected. With this in mind, choose footwear that reflects your style and personality. If that’s a bright pair of sneakers or a knee high cowboy boot, go with it. A unique shoe choice can add an unexpected and surprising twist that guests will love.

White boots for a paddock wedding
A boot can still be feminine and wedding worthy

Consider Colour

The tendency is to go for a white or cream coloured shoe, but a pop of colour can be a great alternative. Once again, a white shoe on a natural, outdoor surface is not always ideal. A coloured shoe offers a more practical and eye catching choice. If you are more traditionally inclined, your colourful shoe could be your “something blue”.

Brides fit their wedding shoes. One wears a hot pink pair and the other a neutral tone.
Choose a colorful shoe that suits you from brights to neutral tones

Heel Heights

You might be one of those fabulous people who can wear a sky high stiletto heel, anywhere, anytime. While that’s fantastic, don’t assume your bridesmaids can do the same. Ensure you and your wedding party are choosing footwear that you can walk, mingle, and dance in. This might mean compromising on a lower height or a block heel. Fortunately, current fashion trends offer a wide range of heels for every need.

Four pairs of white sneakers ready for the bridal party.
Keep your bridal party happy and comfortable with a cute pair of sneakers


For a keepsake or just a fun detail, customise your wedding shoes. Names, dates, or meaningful symbols can be easily added to your footwear to add a unique or sentimental touch to your wedding attire. Personalise your shoes with embroidery, paint, or gemstones, and be sure to capture them in your photos.

Backup Pair

Once the formalities are over and it’s time to party, many brides choose to change into a different style of shoe. It is a popular choice with weddings at the Farm House when it’s time to let loose an hit the dancefloor. Slip into a cute pair of sneakers and dance the night away in comfort. This is the time to customise your kicks by adding ribbon laces, gemstones, or personalised messages.

bride wears sneakers for her reception
Have a pair of sneakers on hand to dance the night away in comfort

Break Them In

Whether you choose a heel, sneakers, or a pair of boots, if they are new, break them in. Don’t assume a brand new pair of shoes will comfortably see you through hours of celebration on their first wear. Be sure to give yourself enough time to wear them around the house until they feel good to go. This will also give you an idea of their suitability and if you need a back up pair or change your style completely.

Flatlay of bridal accessories including white shoes with bows
Be sure to trial your new shoes and break them in before your big day

Budget Friendly Options

Wedding costs can add up. Not just for the couple but for bridal party members too. Keep your shoe choices in a price range that works for your group or consider paying the cost of a more extravagant choice. While shoe choice is an important consideration, ensure you are realistic about your budget. Are there other areas of your celebration where your funds could be better spent?