The Coolest Wedding Cars For Your Grand Entrance

When planning your wedding don’t forget to keep in mind your wedding car.  Whether you’re doing a themed wedding, or want something that’s a bit of fun or an unforgettable drive in a performance car then we’ve got some great suggestions to make sure your entrance is amazing!

cool Cars at The Farm House

It’s no secret that here, at the Farm House, we love old stuff. If it’s Vintage, Retro, or Classic, we’re in! So, it’s no surprise that we have our own collection of vintage cars and scooters for you to hire for your wedding day. Ask our friendly staff about using the classic Mercedes convertible or cute Lambretta scooter with sidecar. These beautiful pieces of moveable art will look great in your wedding portraits, creating an unforgettable moment on your big day.

Arrive in Style

Make the most incredible entrance to your Farm House wedding and arrive by helicopter. The Gold Coast is blessed with the most breathtaking aerial views and the Farm House grounds are a safe and ideal place to land. Experience the exhilaration of taking in the sights of the beautiful Gold Coast by air. Arrive in style and luxury, and begin your wedding celebration on a high.

Vintage Glamour

Weddings at the Gold Coast Farm House are often glamorous events with a timeless theme. Grooms wear traditional tuxedos, while the brides are visions of polished beauty in stunning gowns. Vintage and classic cars are the perfect match for these celebrations. Arriving onto the Farm House property in a glamorous Rolls Royce or classic luxury car sets the scene for your fabulous festivities.

Classic Cool

Let your guests know you’ve arrived with a show-stopping classic car in a head-turning hue. Mustangs, muscle cars, and convertibles are perfect for making an entrance to remember. They are even better when they stand out in a vibrant colour, like Red! The contrast of a slick machine against the romantic Farm House grounds, is a sight to behold. Your guests won’t miss you as the car makes its impressive way down the meandering driveway, arriving at ceremony location.

Recommended Vendors

Emerald bus or Kool Kombi and Bug Hire

If you are after a bit of fun for your entrance to your wedding why not look at hiring a beautifully restored kombi van.  Little Red Bus has a selection of fully restored Kombi’s to transport your bridal party in comfort.  You can seat up to 6 people comfortably in their air conditioned Kombi vans as you cruise around the beautiful Hinze Dam on the way to Gold Coast Farm House. 

Your photographer will be able to capture some great fun images with you and all your friends.  If you are looking at a themed wedding a Kombi van is also a great option and can be decorated to suit with flowers and ribbons.

Our Wedding Cars

If you are after something more elegant then a vintage or classic car from Our Wedding Cars will see you chauffeured in luxury from the Gold Coast in style.  Enjoy a champagne and light refreshments with your bridesmaids. 

Upon arrival your red carpet entry will be laid out for you so you will feel like a celebrity.  Our Wedding Cars has such a amazing range of cars, beautiful classic Jaguars, Rolls Royce’s, or stretch Mercedes Benz stretch limousine to ensure that you will arrive in style on your special day.

Roaring Twenties

Inspired by a Great Gatsby theme with a wedding that’s full of glamour and loads of champagne. Then why not arrive in style in a 1930’s Chrysler Airstream or a Dodge convertible. Both cars are generous and roomy in size so you will be chauffeured in comfort. 

Listen to a great selection of vintage jazz tunes to transform you and your bridesmaids into the roaring 20’s. Why not have a champagne tower set up to toast the bride and groom to add even more sparkle to your day?


Getting to your wedding on the Gold Coast isn’t always about the bride and her bridesmaids.  Let the groom and groomsmen have some fun too and hire a helicopter tour.  With over 60 acres you have plenty of room to land.  Organise a scenic tour of the glitter strip flying over the best beaches and then across over the beautiful hinterland to Numinbah Valley. 

Queensland Luxury Car Rentals

Always wanted to drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche?  Feel the rush driving through the Gold Coast Hinterland through windy roads in these powerful performance cars. 

What an exhilarating experience to do on your wedding day, you and your groomsmen will remember!  You’ll also get amazing photos for you and your bride for your wedding album.  On a budget? Maybe you have a friend or family member who has a special car that you can use.  We’ve had F trucks, army trucks, motorbikes, and even a bride arrive by horse back! 

At Gold Coast Farm House we can accommodate all types of wedding transportation.