Winter Wedding Checklist

Winter is a beautiful time to get married in the Hinterland. The winter sun is comforting without the heat and the air is cool and clear. If you have plans to get married in winter or you’ve already booked your special day at the Gold Coast Farm House, this checklist will ensure you make the most of your celebration. While some of these suggestions might be obvious, it’s helpful to double check that you’ve thought of every thing to make your winter wedding memorable and enjoyable for all.

Have a Plan B

This is a must have for every outdoor wedding, no matter the time of year. Winter in the Gold Coast Hinterland is usually fairly dry, but a cold wet weather day can be quite undesirable. Chat with your wedding and venue coordinator to come up with a wet weather option for your ceremony and reception. Expect the best, but plan for the worst.

Outdoor winter wedding set up with 3 tipi tents and festoon lights
Prepare for all weather possibilities and have a Plan B for your outdoor winter wedding

Provide Heating for Guests

Keep your reception toasty and warm for your guests. If you are having an outdoor reception under the tipis or Sperry tent, be sure to utilise our braziers. We also have gas heaters available for hire to further ensure your guests are cosy and comfortable.

Offer Hot Welcome Drinks

Once the sun drops below the mountains, the temperature cools dramatically. At this point, it is a great idea to offer your guests a warming drink. Don’t leave tea and coffee till the end of the night; offer it up as a way to keep guests warm at dusk. Alternatively, choose warming cocktails, such as a Hot Toddy or mulled wine, to defrost your guests and get the party started.

Bartenders create warming cocktails for wedding guests
Offer guests warming winter cocktails to keep them toasty

Have Blankets on Hand

A basket full of blankets, throws, or shawls is great to have on hand at a Winter wedding in the Hinterland. While many guests will be heating up on the dance floor, there will be those who prefer to chill. Older guests, and those who feel the cold, will appreciate a cosy blanket to take the icy edge off.

Cold Weather Dress Code

Give guests every opportunity to dress for the conditions by letting them know the dress code beforehand. Suggest jackets and outerwear to layer as the temperature drops, and ensure you have somewhere for guests to store their items when not in use. A designated coat check is a helpful service to offer your guests to keep your venue clear and to help them store their bulky items.

Wedding guests huddle together wearing winter dress
Inform your guests beforehand to dress for cold weather conditions

Have Fun with Romantic Mood Lighting

Winter weddings are the perfect occasion to play with romantic lighting, including candles and lanterns. Candlelight and soft flames add a dreamy ambience and give the illusion of warmth.  Play with oversized candles grouped together, or elegant lanterns on stands, hung on the walls or from above.

Winter wedding decorated with romantic lighting and moody decor
Play with moody lighting from candles and romantic decor for your winter wedding

Start Early, Finish Early

Make the most of spectacular Queensland winter days by starting your festivities early. You’ll enjoy the gorgeous winter sun for your ceremony and your reception will be wrapped up before the late night chill hits. Consider a midday ceremony with a late lunch for your reception, and make the most of this absolutely magnificent time of year.

Adorn Yourself with Warming Accessories

If your reception continues into the colder part of the day, you might like to step away for a quick outfit update. Think of adding accessories that add warmth without overwhelming your look. Slip on tights under your dress, ensure your shoes are closed in, and even pop on some cute gloves or your hands feel the chill. Elegant outerwear is easy to find, with many bridal designers offering faux fur stoles, capes, or chic cardigans.

Brides wear faux fur jackets to keep warm at their winter weddings
Faux fur jackets are the perfect addition to keep you warm at your winter wedding

Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm

This is essential. Bridesmaids are often the lightest dressed at any wedding. Bridesmaid gowns tend to be romantic and floaty; simple slips offering very little warmth. While you can still dress your bridal party in delicate gowns, consider adding cosy accessories, such as faux fur wraps or bolero jackets. Better still, choose a gown made from a dressy fabric that offers warmth, such as velvet.  

Customised jackets for a winter wedding
Customise jackets and accessories for you and your bridesmaids