9 Tips for Creating a Memorable Wedding Menu

Think about all the weddings you’ve ever attended and what made them memorable. Do you recall the bride’s dress, the groom’s speech, or do you have the fondest memories of the first time you saw a cake made from giant wheels of cheese? Or the epic dessert station with a donut wall and DIY ice cream sundaes? Or can you still remember the smell of the mobile pizza oven, and the endless slices you devoured before hitting the dancefloor.

If you’re anything like me, food is always a major player at any event, but especially a wedding. If your guests go hungry or aren’t offered a menu that satisfies their taste buds or dietary requirements, your wedding is going to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Food needs to be thoughtfully considered and our 9 tips for creating a memorable wedding menu will help you host a fabulous celebration for you and your guests to enjoy.

Newly wed couple enjoy fairy floss at their wedding reception
Surprise your guests with unexpected treats to create an unforgettable wedding celebration

Consider the Season

Choose dishes that reflect the season you’re getting married. You might consider a gelati bar for an afternoon wedding in summer or warming drinks for a cold winter reception. Tacos and light finger food are fabulous in the warmer months, while hearty pastas and roasts are ideal for a winter wedding. An icy cold mocktail is ideal on a hot, summer afternoon to keep guests hydrated and cool.

Icy cold cocktails are served at a summer wedding
Keep guests cool at your summer wedding with an icy cold signature cocktail

Local Produce

The Hinterland offers a plethora of beautiful, local produce and delicious delicacies. Choose local cheeses, wines, and fresh fruit and vegetables to add a little local flair to your menu. Ask your caterers how they can incorporate local goods into their offering.

Local cheeses and fresh produce are a must for creating a memorable wedding menu
Local cheeses and fresh produce will create a memorable grazing table for your Hinterland wedding

Customisable Options

In these modern times, chances are at least one of your guests will have a specific dietary requirement. Creating a menu that is easy to customise for your guests will make them feel appreciated, ensuring they remember your wedding for the extra care you took with your considerate catering. Grazing platters are a fabulous way to offer a wide variety of food for different dietary requirements.

A grazing table at a wedding features a variety of foods for different dietary requirements
A grazing table allows you to offer guests a variety of food for different dietary requirements

Creative Presentation

There are endless ways you can serve food and drinks to make an impact at your wedding. Impressive grazing boards that look like edible works of art are very popular, as are creative ways of serving drinks. While a timeless champagne tower leaves your guests in awe, a modern tequila tower really packs a punch. Consider transforming your wedding cake into an impressing dessert tower. Discuss your options with an experienced cake designer for a show stopping display.

Wedding cakes with extra sweet treats like donuts and cupcakes
Create an impressive cake and dessert display that is easily accessible and fun for guests

Interactive Food Stations

Whether it’s for post ceremony refreshments, after dinner sweets, or even for the main meal, interactive food stations are becoming a wedding favourite. Sweet or savoury DIY food stations offer a fun and casual way to serve your guests, encouraging mingling and conversation.

Interactive dessert station and donut wall display
Interactive dessert stations offer an entertaining and delicious experience for your guests

Signature Cocktails

A signature cocktail is a great way to personalise your celebration and create fun memories of your special day. Choose a drink that you are your beloved both love and put a creative spin on it. This is a great way to introduce a local spirit or liquor from one of the many distilleries on the Gold Coast. Enlist the expertise of one our preferred drinks vendors to help you plan your wedding refreshments.

Wine and signature cocktails served at your wedding
Choose local wines and spirits and create a signature cocktail for you and your guests to share

Wine Pairing

Impress you guests with a selection of quality wines to accompany your menu. Work with your caterer to choose the best pairings to leave a lasting impression, instead of a cheap wine headache. The Gold Coast Hinterland boasts many wonderful wineries.

Late-night Snacks

Surprise your guests with late-night snacks, like sliders or mini pizzas, to keep them fuelled for dancing the night away. Your guests will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. Lolly bags for the drive home in the bus will also be well received.

Wedding guests are treated to late night snacks
Keep guests fed and satisfied with hearty late night snacks

Ask for Recommendations

Your caterer will be your best resource for creating a memorable wedding menu. If you choose one of our preferred vendors, we know you’ll be in experienced and capable hands. They will guide you through all the ways you can create a memorable wedding menu that you and your guest will never forget.