A Guide to Unexpected Wedding Day Challenges

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. It can be a small and intimate affair or a monumental event. While your expectations are for everything to go perfectly to plan, there are often unexpected challenges that can arise. At the Gold Coast Farm House, we have become experts in prevention, planning, and trouble shooting. Our experience with handling unexpected challenges will ensure your day is magical.

couple have their wedding ceremony under the tipi to escape the wet weather.
There is always a wet weather alternative for your wedding ceremony at the Farm House

Prevent Unexpected Challenges

Thorough Planning

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. While this can be annoying to hear, it is true, especially when it comes to a major event, like a wedding. Plan as much as you can with detail, but also leave room to be flexible. Engaging the expertise of a wedding planner if it all becomes to stressful. Consult our wedding checklist to get your planning started.

Clear Communication

Don’t assume that family, friends, vendors, or even your partner, can read your mind. Be sure to communicate all your ideas and needs, no matter how big or small. Follow up verbal conversations with written confirmation to ensure there are no misunderstandings. Remember, it’s your big day, you can be assertive.

Contingency Plans

“Expect the best, plan for the worst”. Having a contingency plan will ensure you have an alternative if things go awry. While a plan B isn’t always optimal, if you remain flexible to unexpected changes, it will make for a less stressful event. A contingency plan is essential for outdoor weddings, as weather conditions are impossible to predict.

Vendor Coordination

Ensure you have a person to liaise with vendors and troubleshoot issues on the day. At the Farm House, our venue coordinators are on hand to make sure vendors are fulfilling their duties. Engage the assistance of a friend or family to work with our coordinators, so you don’t have to. Leave the work to someone else, so you can enjoy your wedding.

Expect the Unexpected

Set realistic expectations and keep in mind that not everything may go as planned. Having a positive mindset and focusing on the true intention and meaning of the day, will help you deal with any unexpected challenges that may arise.

Bridesmaids stand under clear umbrellas during a raining wedding ceremony
See a rainy wedding as an opportunity to use cute accessories like these clear umbrellas

Dealing with Unexpected Challenges

Remaining Calm

When things go wrong at a wedding, guests are almost always completely oblivious. Unless it’s a major catastrophe, small mistakes or omissions are only really noticed by the couple or a small few. When a challenge arises, try to stay calm. This will ensure you’re setting a relaxed tone for the event and your guests. Pass the problem solving onto your venue coordinator and your chosen vendor liaison, so you can rejoin to festivities.

Problem-Solving Mindset

Approach any challenges with a problem solving mindset. Having a contingency plan in place will help you solve issues quickly and calmly. If you don’t have a plan B for a particular challenge, look for solutions or engage the help of your venue coordinator. Try not to dwell on the issue and accept help from others who are more qualified.

Delegate Responsibilities

As mentioned already, engage the help of a trusted friend or family member to handle unexpected issues. Your top priority is to enjoy one of the most important days of your life, so leave the responsibility and stress to someone else. At the Farm House, your venue coordinator is on hand to problem-solve and troubleshoot. Be sure that your point person and the venue coordinator are familiar with each other and know your contingency plans.


Discuss with your partner which issues are critical and which are of lower importance. Be open to compromising and remain flexible. This will ensure undue stress stays at a minimum if challenges arise. Try your best to be on the same page with what is most important to you both.


When it comes to your wedding (and marriage), flexibility is key. Unexpected challenges can lead to unique and memorable moments, so embracing the unexpected can turn a setback into a positive experience. The way you react and respond to challenges will determine if the result is a catastrophe or a spontaneous surprise.

Wedding parties are transported by golf cart on the farm
The Farm House has solutions for most unexpected challenges, including transportation

Specific Challenges and Solutions

Weather-Related Challenges

The weather is one of the biggest challenges for weddings, especially outdoor events. Most of the weddings we host at the Farm House are held on the lawns of the property, so we are no strangers to last minute location changes. While bad weather events are few and far between, it is essential to have a plan B if the unexpected arises.

Vendor Issues

Communication is key with your wedding vendors. When choosing your vendors, look at reviews and testimonials. Look for feedback on communication, punctuality and their ability to work with challenges. Avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings by confirming your needs during the planning process. It is your big day, so if you need to clarify your needs multiple times beforehand, feel empowered to do so. Check our preferred vendor list for companies that we love working with at the Farm.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Weddings held in remote venues, like the Gold Coast Farm House, require a little extra preparation. Consider what you might need if a wardrobe malfunction occurs and have an emergency repair kit or alternative outfit on hand. A sewing kit, fashion tape, iron on hem, and baby wipes, are all things to have available should tears, stains, or slips occur.

Guest-Related Challenges

It is rare to have a gathering of inter-connected people without there being some level of potential conflict. Assess your guest list and consider any possible interactions that might derail your celebration. Prepare for unexpected plus-ones, or undesirable behaviour and plan how you can handle the situation diplomatically.

Technical Glitches

This is an area where you want to have a back up plan in place. Technical glitches are usually not considered and therefore, not planned for. Make a list of all equipment that will be used and the power source. Discuss generators, battery packs, and standby equipment to ensure your celebration has the atmosphere you want. A wedding reception without music is not ideal, nor is having to shout your speeches.

Logistical Challenges

Once again, the remoteness of the venue needs to be considered when planning transportation and logistics. Fortunately, the Gold Coast Farm House takes care of your guest transportation with strict contingency plans in place. Communicate all your transport needs with your venue coordinator to ensure you, your wedding party, and guests, arrive safely and on time.

couple with their son laugh through their wedding ceremony held under the tipi due to wet weather conditions.

Wedding singers perform under the tallowwood tree
Be sure to check your technical equipment with back ups if necessary

Post-Wedding Reflection

After your wedding, take time to reflect on any challenges you faced together as a couple and how you dealt with them. Encourage each other to turn any unexpected events into a part of your unique wedding story. After all, you can’t re-do your wedding, but you can choose to focus on the positives and laugh at the mistakes.

Imperfections and unexpected challenges can add character to your wedding day, creating unforgettable memories for you and your guests. It’s all in your attitude, how you choose to remember it. Use this experience to guide you through challenges that will inevitably occur in your life together as a married couple. What may seem like a disaster in the moment, will make a great story for your future.

Bride and groom hold hands under the tipi for their wet weather ceremony
Your big day can still be beautiful even if your venue needs to change at the last minute