Bride and groom embrace and kiss as confetti is thrown on them

Confetti Ideas for Your Farm Wedding

Did you know, the confetti tradition began in Italy during the Middle Ages? “Confetti” is the Italian name for the sugar coated almonds, or “confectionery” that were thrown into the air at festivals and celebrations. Today we throw confetti to celebrate the union of newlyweds with wishes of good luck and happiness. The sugared almonds are now saved for eating, and instead we look for modern wedding confetti that makes an impact in photos and leaves no environmental imprint.

At The Gold Coast Farm House, we love a good confetti toss. It is such a fun and interactive part of the wedding celebration and the resulting photos are incredible. Our only requirement is that your chosen confetti is biodegradable. We want to maintain the beauty of our outdoor wedding venue, with as little impact on the natural environment as possible.

If you have your heart set on a high impact confetti moment at your wedding, read on to find out all you need to know.

Bride and Groom kiss while being showered with white paper confetti
Create a memorable wedding confetti moment

How to Get Your Perfect Confetti Shot

The confetti shot at your wedding is not one to be missed. This fun and frivolous moment creates breath taking photos and lasting memories to treasure forever. While it seems like a spontaneous and impulsive moment, getting the perfect shot actually requires some keen planning.

It is essential to discuss your expectations with your photographer. If you have an ideal image in mind, show them reference photos. They will be the experts on the type of confetti to use and how it should be thrown to achieve your perfect shot.

bride and groom walk up the aisle with confetti thrown at them
Get that perfect post ceremony confetti shot

When to Have Your Confetti Moment

The most common time to have your confetti moment is at the completion of your ceremony. As you walk back up the aisle as a newly married couple, your guests can let loose and shower you with celebratory confetti. This creates a truly authentic moment of happiness and joyful celebration.

There are many other times you can use confetti to make an impact or achieve a impressive photo.

During your location photos

For a big group shot with all your guests

Entering your reception

Starting the dancefloor off with a bang

bride and groom walk up the aisle under floral confetti
Have your confetti moment your way

How Much Confetti Will You Need?

The more confetti, the better. If you think you have enough, double it! If you have too little, you won’t achieve your desired impact. It is also important to have more on hand if you have premature throwers. You can’t pick confetti up and try again, so be sure you have more than enough for a big display.

If you are having your confetti toss after the ceremony, ensure guests in the aisle seats are given double the amount of other guests. This will ensure you have maximum impact for your shot. You can always add in a few confetti cannons for an extra impressive display. These can be hired or purchased, or you can check with your DJ if they have one.

Have someone countdown the toss to make sure all the confetti is thrown at once. This will ensure maximum impact and your photographer with be ready to get the shot. Have your guests ready to throw the confetti up in the air and not at your faces.

Newlywed couples showered with white confetti after their wedding ceremonies
Make an impact with with extra confetti for an impressive photo

What Type of Confetti Should You Choose?

Biodegradable Tissue Paper Confetti – While tissue paper is the most common confetti for a wedding, it makes an impressive impact. It is lightweight and safe and you can choose any colours or shapes you like.

Fresh Flower Petals – Flower confetti results in a romantic and magical display. Ask your florist for the best way to source fresh flower petals for your confetti. Just be careful when stepping on fresh flower petals that you don’t stain your dress.

Dried Flower Petals – Dried flower petals can be prepared leading up to your big day and create a beautiful aroma and rustic feel, ideal for a farm wedding.

Silver bucket filled with paper cones with natural coloured confetti
There are endless types of confetti you can choose for your wedding

Baby’s Breath Confetti – Perfect little white blooms of Baby’s Breath are ideal for a confetti throw. They offer a more delicate show with a romantic aesthetic.

Herbs – Lavender, Sage, and Rosemary all work beautifully for a confetti toss. The natural aesthetic is perfect for an outdoor wedding in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Leaves – Pretty little leaves make a gorgeous and whimsical confetti display. They have minimal environmental impact and are a low cost, sustainable choice.

Bubbles – A fun and playful confetti alternative, bubbles create a joyful display. To make sure you have the best result for your photos, use a couple of bubble machines in addition to your guests’ efforts. This will ensure there are enough bubbles to make an impressive visual impact.

Newly wed couple and their toddler are showered with dried flower confetti

newly couples are showered with fresh flower petals after their wedding ceremonies

Bride and groom celebrate after their wedding ceremony as white paper confetti is thrown on them
Choose from dried flowers, fresh rose petals, paper confetti and more