Eco Friendly Wedding | Tips For A Sustainable Celebration

Planning a wedding is an exciting time filled with love, joy, and anticipation. However, as we become more conscious of our impact on the environment, many couples are seeking ways to make their special day more sustainable. If you’re dreaming of an eco friendly wedding, the Gold Coast Farm House offers the perfect backdrop for your sustainable celebration. In this blog post, we will explore various ways to plan an environmentally friendly wedding at the Gold Coast Farm House, ensuring your special day leaves a positive impact on the planet.

Propose with a Pre-Loved Gem

Pass on a family heirloom or shop vintage for your beloved’s engagement ring. A unique, pre-loved gem has character and often an interesting history. Alternatively, if you want a new engagement ring, be sure to shop around for sustainable and ethically sourced diamonds and metals. There are many innovative jewellers specialising in recycled or sustainable materials.

Bride puts her earrings on; wears vintage wedding rings
Choose vintage gems or sustainably sourced diamonds for your wedding jewels

Eco Friendly Invitations and Stationery

There are so many creative ways to invite guests to your celebration. If you are conscious of keeping things eco friendly, choose recycled, biodegradable, or paperless invitations. For a truly inventive approach, use a stationery designer like Turquoise, who embeds daisy seeds into their paper products. Your guests can plant their invitation, place card, or thank you note, straight in the ground and wait for their gift to bloom.

Examples of sustainable and reusable wedding invitations and stationery
Try an innovative designer for your wedding stationery

Planet Friendly Gift Registry

Encourage your guests to support your love of the planet with an eco friendly gift registry. You might have an environmental cause that you would like you guests to donate to, or you could arrange a gift registry at your favourite eco store, such as Biome. Etsy have just set up a wedding registry service to make it easy for your guests to treat you with thoughtfully made gifts you’ll cherish forever.

Gift table with wrapped up wedding presents
Encourage guests to keep their gifts eco friendly with a registry or charitable donation

Keep it Small or Elope

Elopements and intimate weddings have gained immense popularity in recent years, with many couples deciding to keep their celebration small. Inviting only your nearest and dearest will ensure your wedding limits waste and energy use. You can afford to make eco friendly decisions with your decor and menu by keeping your celebration group smaller.

A long table in the open air seats wedding guests for an intimate reception
Keep your guest list small or choose to elope to reduce waste and resources

Host Your Wedding During the Day

The Gold Coast Farm House is the ideal location for a sunlit celebration, particularly in the cooler months. Hosting your eco friendly wedding during the day will ensure you use less electricity to power lighting and heating. A midday ceremony with a late lunch for your reception allows you to take advantage of the stunning natural backdrop of the National Park, while keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

An outdoor wedding reduces your power usage for a more energy efficient celebration

Use Nature for Your Decor

Weddings at the Farm House are treated to the breathtaking natural decor of the surrounding National Park. There’s no need to add much more to your decor when you have the lush green Hinterland as your backdrop. Incorporate the natural scenery in your photos to create timeless memories with a bohemian feel.

Nature provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos and ceremony

Choose Native Florals

Native Australian blooms that are locally sourced, require very little irrigation, fertilization, and transportation. The fresh cut flower industry is not particularly eco friendly, so choosing a florist who specialises in sustainable blooms is essential for your environmentally friendly wedding. Try floral designers like Bare Bouquets or Poppy & Fern who carefully select flowers and plants that leave mininimal impact on the planet.

Not only are native flowers more eco friendly, but they look amazing at a Farm wedding

Locally source your menu

The Gold Coast boasts a plethora of fabulous food and wine producers. Choosing local means you’ll not only serve up the freshest produce for your guests, but you reduce the impact of transportation and refrigeration. Try to add as many vegetarian and vegan options as you can to limit the environmental impact of dairy and meat production.

Locally source your wedding menu for a more sustainable and eco friendly celebration

Reusable Wedding Favours

Be smart about your wedding favours and confetti. Choose organic material such as leaves or native flower petals for your wedding toss. Dainty leaves such as olive or lavender work well. Offer wedding favours that double as late night snacks for guests or give them something they can reuse at home. Cute succulents in re-useable cups or jars work for table decorations as well sustainable gifts for your guests.

Rose petals and little potted succulents make for ideal confetti and wedding favours

Environmentally Friendly Honeymoon

Continue your thoughtful decisions into your honeymoon. Find a relaxing and romantic location to spend quality time with your beloved that reflects for values. The Gold Coast and surrounds offer an amazing array of eco friendly and sustainable stays. Consider Gold Coast Tree Houses or Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat for a relaxing stay not far from The Gold Coast Farm House.