Wedding party includes a cute fluffy dog

Dog Friendly Wedding at the Farm House

Is your dog more than just a pet? Would you like to include them in your special day? At the Gold Coast Farm House we warmly welcome your pets and animals to the property. With acres of lush lawns and shady trees, your dog will have the time of their lives at our dog friendly wedding venue.

There are so many wonderful ways that your dog can be involved in your wedding day. Whether they are there for moral support or you create your whole wedding theme around them, dogs are part of the family and should be included in your special day.

We invite you to bring your dog out to the Farm House when you come to view the property. Simply let us know at the time of booking your viewing and we will prepare ourselves to welcome your furry friend. It will be our pleasure.

Fluffy dog is held by the bride next to a beautiful bouquet.
Add a playful element to your wedding day by including your best friend

Walk down the aisle

Make your pooch Dog of Honour or Best Dog, or simply have them accompany you down the aisle. Involving your beloved pet in your ceremony adds a fun and unique element to your celebration and you get to have your (other) best friend by your side.

Cute little outfits

Nothing brings immense joy quite like dressing up a dog. Bow ties, flowers, tutus, or tuxedos, the options for adorning your furry friend are endless. Providing your pet is ok with it, dressing them in theme for your wedding will put smiles on the face of every guest and make yours a celebration to remember.

Two dogs feature as ring bearers at farm wedding
Dress your good boys and girls up to work with your wedding theme

Ring Bearers and Flower Dogs

While they say “never work with children or animals”, just choose one. Forget the kids and put your puppy to work as the ring bearer or flower dog. Get creative with pouches or boxes to keep your treasures safe as your pet delivers them to you and your love.

Groom shares a tender moment with his cat, who carries their wedding rings on its collar
Don’t forget the cats! Your furry friend can play a part in your big day as the ring bearer

Dancing dogs

Let your pup loose on the dance floor and have fun including your furry best friend in your festivities. First dance with your life partner? Get your pet in on the action and make it a moment you will never forget.

Include them in photos

Having an experienced photographer capture your memories is essential for every wedding. Ensuring all your loved ones are represented in your photos is paramount. This is also true for your furry friends. Dogs and other animals add a whimsical feel to your shots and often provide the most entertaining candid images for your album.

Whether you include your own pet or you bring in unique animals for your special day is up to you. Your celebration will be more memorable and your photos will bring joy for years to come.

Newly wed bride and groom include their dog in wedding photos
Capture the love you share with your beloved and your furry friend

Dog theme your wedding

Create your whole wedding theme around your dog. Why not? Dogs are cute and getting creative with imagery on stationery, desserts, signage, or gifts is a fun way to honour the special relationship you have with your pooch. Keep it subtle or go all out and express to your guests just how important your four-legged friend is to you.

Other pets and animals

Is your best furry friend a cat? Bring them along! All fluffy family members are welcome. Surprise your beloved like one our beautiful brides did, as she walked her groom’s best feline friend down the aisle, carrying their rings (See above for the very special moment between the two). Animals are deeply loved and treasured that they deserve to be present in your most important life moments.

The Gold Coast Farm House has welcomed all kinds of animals over the years, with some of the most memorable being alpacas from local farms. Cute farm animals are also lovely to have at your wedding with our wide open spaces making the perfect location for furry and feathered friends.

Wedding on the farm featuring 2 alpacas posing with bride and groom
Invite all kinds of furry friends to your wedding at the Farm House, including alpacas