What To Know When Eloping On The Gold Coast

With the current uncertainties surrounding event restrictions, elopements have become a popular choice for weddings. Eloping is a marriage usually without the knowledge of the couple’s family and friends, particularly their parents. 

Typically, those who elope only have a ceremony and do not host a reception or celebration.

Modern day elopements are often intimate celebrations with a handful of the couple’s closest friends and family. Our mid-week elopement packages, for example, cater for up to 30 guests, including the ceremony and small reception.

So, whether you prefer an intimate celebration, you’re on a limited budget, or you’re tired of constantly moving your date due to covid, we’ve got you covered. Our elopement packages on the Gold Coast are perfect for you.

"The average elopement cost is $8000-$15000 compared to $36000 for a traditional wedding."
brisbane couple getting married an gold coast wedding venue

Why do couples elope?

Covid has brought about so much change to the way we get married. Many brides find themselves putting off their big day to please hundreds of guests with very little light at the end of the tunnel. 

If you’re tired of waiting and want to get married now, consider an elopement.

  1. Budget friendly. How much does eloping cost? A recent statistic indicates that the average elopement cost is $8000-$15000 compared to $36000 for a traditional wedding.

  2. Less stressful. The simplicity of an elopement creates much less stress than a traditional wedding. Fewer guests to please, less vendors to organise, the list of benefits is endless.

  3. Location. Do you and your partner have a favourite little spot? Make that spot even more special, by getting married there. The intimacy of eloping makes it easier to find the perfect location.

  4. Family politics. Your wedding day is all about you. Keep it that way by limiting your guest list or even keeping your elopement private. Avoid family drama on your special day. The day is about you and your love!

How to elope on the Gold Coast

Find A Celebrant

Choosing the right celebrant is so important for a meaningful celebration. 

The perfect person to facilitate your union is one that resonates with you and your partner, reflecting everything you believe in.

A good celebrant can set the tone of your wedding ceremony. Consider how they will represent you and your partner.

Are they quirky? Are they easy going? Do they speak another language? Do they share similar beliefs? Are they LGBTQ+ friendly? Are they prepared to travel? Are they licensed with necessary credentials?

All Australian weddings need at least five people present: the people getting married, two witnesses and a celebrant. 

Your witnesses can include your photographer, videographer, or anyone else you invite.

Choose Your Venue and Vendors

An elopement presents a world of venue possibilities for your ceremony and reception. The Gold Coast offers all kinds of venues that might set a spark for your special day. Think city, beach, or hinterland. Utilise the natural beauty of our stunning location to enhance your celebration.

While an elopement is not a big traditional wedding you still need to remember to book your vendors in advance.

Concentrate your efforts and budget on the ones that are most important. Creative professionals such as photographers, hair and makeup artists, and florists, will create the visuals that will last long after your wedding day is over.

Catering is also essential to prioritise. A small gathering of guests allows you to spend more on a premium food and beverage service to create an enjoyable and memorable occasion.

Plan your Ceremony and Celebration

Just because you are not having a big traditional wedding you still need to consider how you will go about the day. 

Create a checklist and a timeline. 

This will alleviate a lot of stress on the day, so you can focus on having fun.

Some considerations are what to wear, will you do a first look, will rings be a thing?

Getting married calls for a celebration. 

Whether it’s just you and your love, or an intimate gathering of close family and friends, Gold Coast has you covered with beautiful restaurants that will cater to your every need.

An Elopement Checklist

Finally, consider these essential do’s and don’ts when planning your elopement.

  • Do it for the right reasons.
  • Don’t forget the legalities
  • Do book a photographer
  • Don’t forget the rings
  • Do rock something gorgeous
  • Don’t forget to make an announcement once you get hitched
  • Do prepare yourself for your family and friends’ reactions
  • Don’t expect gifts
  • Do have the BEST day!!

Looking for an elopement venue on the Gold Coast? We take the stress out of planning an elopement. Come check out our venue today!

Our Sister Venue: Chateau Nesbit

Chateau Nesbit

Looking For Gold Coast Elopement Venue?

If you’re looking for something a bit different, our sister elopement & event venue is perfect for you! Conveniently located in the heart of the Gold Coast in Southport, our revived French Chateau is waiting for your next event. Say “I Do” under the twinkling fairy lights as dusk engulfs the skyline.