How Can I Save Money on My Wedding

Weddings can easily blow out when it comes to your budget. It’s easy to get carried away and want every little detail to be perfect. However, it is possible to plan a magical day that doesn’t cost the earth.

Approaching your wedding planning with a clear budget in mind will help you save money and reduce stress. There are simple and inventive ways for you to achieve a budget wedding without sacrificing or compromising on things that are important to you.

We’ve outlined some areas where you can consider alternatives or remove from your wedding altogether.



Go small with your guest list

A large part of the wedding cost comes from accommodating and catering for your guests. With most food and beverage packages charging per head, it makes sense to reduce the guest list when trying to save money.

Spend time editing and refreshing your guest list before committing to your final numbers. Be honest about who you want to celebrate your big day with and don’t compromise.

It’s your wedding, so only invite people who mean something to you.

Go small with your bridal party

There is a cost involved in having a bridal party. Clothes, flowers, hair and makeup, gifts, accommodation – the list goes on and the costs add up. Reduce your spend, and stress, by simplifying your wedding party, or choose not to have one at all.

Just like your guest list, your bridal party should only include loved ones who will enrich your day and support you at every step. You can enlist other friends to read something meaningful during your ceremony or play a smaller role that makes them feel important and helps you out.


Choosing to elope is becoming a popular choice for saving money and keeping things simple and private. Just like a full wedding, a small elopement can be whatever you want it to be.

A simple civil ceremony followed by a beautiful lunch or dinner with your closest friends or just the two of you, a classic runaway to a tropical island, or an intimate ceremony and celebration with a select group of family and friends.


While a beautifully made to measure bridal gown is a work of art, expert craftsmanship comes at a very high price. Looking outside the traditional tailormade wedding dress options can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

You can find beautiful bridal dresses for you and your bridesmaids from Australian designers such as Spell, Zimmermann, Lover and Shona Joy.

Consider borrowing, hiring, or shopping for a pre-loved gown for your special day. Enlist a dressmaker to make adjustments and alterations to create a dress that suits your style and fits you perfectly.


The wedding cake has been evolving over the years and you can now expect anything from a traditional tiered cake to a full serve dessert bar.

The cake is a great place to save money and create a unique and memorable event.

Rather than spending money on a separate cake and dessert, just make your cake the dessert. Or offer a savoury cheese stack with a selection of crackers, fruit, and chocolates for an after dinner treat for your guests. A mix sweet and savoury options will keep all your guests happy and satisfied.

Think of your favourite sweet treat and offer a creative display of doughnuts, macarons, cupcakes, or brownies. Decorate your creation with fresh flowers and foliage to tie in your theme. It will look amazing and your guests will love your originality.


Choose your venue wisely. A stunning venue that doesn’t need too much decorating is ideal. Not only can you save on décor, but you have a beautiful backdrop for photos, your ceremony and reception. Nature provides the perfect wedding décor, so consider an outdoor venue for all or part of your celebration.

The Gold Coast Farm House offers a variety of locations for weddings of all sizes with multiple areas for the ceremony and reception, not to mention endless options for stunning photographs. The multitasking property makes it one of the most affordable wedding venues on the Gold Coast.

Consider a weekday wedding to save across the board. Venues and services are in high demand on the weekend with premiums reflecting this. A weekday celebration is a refreshing way to break up the everyday for your guests and reduce your wedding budget considerably.


The best way to save is to DIY. Invitations, table decorations, bomboniere, even flowers, can all be done by you or a creative friend or family member. Your artistic loved will feel honoured to assist with your special day, just make sure you don’t over work them. Accept their help in lieu of a gift or pay them for their service.

However you choose to save on your wedding, make sure you prioritise your needs, your guests experience and the memories you can make for you and your partner.

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