Wedding Tips – Where to Splurge and Where to Save

Considered one of the most important days of your life, a wedding can be anything you want it to be. The more personalised, the better.

You have the pleasure of choosing exactly what you want on your special day and how much you’re prepared to invest in your celebration.

If you are finding it difficult to prioritise where to spend and where to save when organising your wedding, we have some suggestions that might help your decision making.


Like most things in life, adopting the “quality over quantity” approach will always yield a better result. This is definitely true when planning your wedding.

For example, creating an intimate guest list with your closest friends and family will reduce your costs on catering and event hire. This will allow you to choose the premium food and drinks option, creating a more pleasurable experience for you and guests.

Only inviting an intimate group of quality guests will give you the opportunity to engage with everyone at your wedding, creating a more memorable occasion for all attendees.

Keep the “quality over quantity” ethos in mind when planning your wedding and you will create a beautiful and memorable day for you and your partner.


As a guide, we recommend splurging on things that will last beyond your wedding day or touches that make your guests feel special.


Splurging on rings or commemorative jewellery for you and your partner is paramount. These are the items that will stay with you forever as a constant reminder of your love and commitment to each other.


Photographs and videos are also important to invest in. These are your visual memories and a way to share your day with others. Think about all the elements that go in to making beautiful images that you will cherish forever. Flowers, hair and makeup, and your wedding clothes.

While these don’t necessarily need to be expensive, they need to be carefully considered and represent the aesthetic of your wedding. Anything that involves creativity and employing the services of an artist or professional, should be given priority in your budget.

Wanting some wedding photography inspo? Here’s a list of our recommended wedding photographers on the Gold Coast!


When planning your wedding, cast your mind back to the weddings you’ve attended in the past. While you might not remember every detail, you’re sure to recall the ones where you didn’t get enough to eat or you had to pay for your own drinks. Don’t do this to your guests.

If you can’t offer enough food or drinks to your guests, consider reducing your invitation numbers or choose a less premium option.

We know finding a good caterer can be difficult to find, that’s why we’ve prepared a list of our favourite Gold Coast caterers!


Everyone loves a good reception, and just like the weddings with cash bars, you’ll remember the ones with great live music. A band or live music act will beat a DJ or your Spotify playlist any day of the week.

Watch online recordings or approach a band you see when you’re out and about and let them take care of entertaining your guests and keeping the atmosphere alive at your reception.


The “quality over quantity” approach will come in to play when considering how and where to save on your wedding planning. Consider simplifying areas of your wedding, removing some traditional elements completely if necessary – think fancy transport or bomboniere.


Reduce your guest list or bridal party and even consider an mid week elopement to save money and make your wedding more intimate and meaningful. Less attendees will reduce the cost of catering and event hire, allowing you to spend elsewhere or offer premium food and beverages.


Choose a venue that doesn’t require much decorating and can multitask as a beautiful backdrop for photos. Nature is the best decoration for a stunning wedding, so opting for an outdoor ceremony and reception makes dressing up your venue with expensive accessories a thing of the past.

Considering a multitasking venue for your wedding makes economic sense when looking for affordable wedding venues. With this in mind, our picturesque Farm House is one of the best affordable wedding venues on the Gold Coast, with multiple locations and stunning backdrops for your ceremony, photos and reception.


Weekday weddings are becoming more popular, especially with smaller celebrations. If it works for you, choosing to host your special day on a weekday will save you money across your whole wedding.

There are many ways to save on your wedding, it often just takes a little creativity and knowing what is available to you. However you choose to splurge or save on your celebration, make sure you aren’t compromising on what you really want. You get one day to have the wedding of your dreams, so choose wisely and create beautiful memories for yourself and your partner.

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