Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon

One of the best things about getting married is the honeymoon. Spending time with your partner after the excitement and (sometimes) stress of your wedding day is a welcome change of pace. Honeymoons are a wonderful time to share memorable moments with your love. To prevent you experiencing a “honeymoon from hell” we’ve outlined all you need to consider when planning your getaway.

Set a Budget

Determine a realistic budget for your honeymoon. This will guide your destination choices, accommodation options, and overall spending during the trip. Plan your wedding and honeymoon budget together so you can make adjustments. This will ensure that both events are prioritised. Small compromises mean you won’t have to make bigger sacrifices for either occasion.

Discuss Expectations

Have an open conversation with your partner about expectations for the honeymoon. Understand each other’s preferences, interests, and priorities for the trip. Your honeymoon is for both of you, so it’s essential that you compromise and share expectations.

Choose the Right Destination

Consider both partners’ interests when selecting a destination. Whether it’s a beach resort, a cultural city, or an adventurous nature retreat, choose a location that suits both your preferences. If you and your partner have different expectations, find a destination that caters to each of you, such as a beachside retreat close to a city with exciting nightlife.

Overwater bungalows on an island
Choose a honeymoon destination that both you and your partner will enjoy

Consider the Season

Factor in the time of year you’re planning to honeymoon. Seasonal considerations can impact weather, prices, and the overall experience at your chosen destination. If you want to have your wedding in one season, and your honeymoon in another, it is common to postpone your getaway. Have a small break with your partner after the wedding and head off on your honeymoon in the season you prefer.

Research Accommodations

Research and book accommodations well in advance. Look for honeymoon packages, special deals, and romantic options such as boutique hotels or overwater bungalows. Let your hotel know about your honeymoon. Many hotels offer complimentary upgrades or special perks for honeymooning couples.

aerial view of an island shoreline
Ensure your accommodation is close to where you want to spend time on your honeymoon

Plan Ahead for Activities

Make a list of activities and experiences you both want to enjoy during the honeymoon. Whether it’s exploring landmarks, trying local cuisine, or engaging in adventure sports, having a plan ensures you don’t miss out on anything. With this in mind, also allow for the fact that you may not fit everything in, so prioritise the activities that mean the most to both of you.

Consider Travel Insurance

Explore travel insurance options to protect your investment in case of unforeseen circumstances. This can include trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost baggage. Just like your wedding, your honeymoon is generally planned well in advance, meaning unforeseen circumstances are more likely.

White buildings lining the coastline in Greece
Travel insurance is advisable when planning and booking your honeymoon

Check Passport and Visa Requirements

Ensure that both partners have valid passports and check visa requirements for your chosen destination. Some countries require visas in advance, so plan accordingly. You can prevent disappointment and delays by ensuring your documentation is all up to date.

Plan for Relaxation Time

While activities are important, schedule downtime for relaxation. Whether it’s lounging by the pool, enjoying a spa day, or simply taking a leisurely stroll, balance is key. Wedding planning and the celebration itself can be exhausting, so ensure you factor some downtime into your honeymoon.

couple sit on outdoor swing made from tree branches. They are looking out at blue water on a tropical island
Allow for relaxation and quality downtime on your honeymoon

Coordinate Flights and Transportation

Book your flights well in advance to secure the best prices. Consider transportation options at your destination, such as car rentals or public transport. Be sure to read reviews and check with travel blogs for firsthand advice on the best way to get around your destination.

Create a Flexible Itinerary

While having a plan is essential, allow room for spontaneity. A flexible itinerary gives you the freedom to adapt to unexpected opportunities or changes in the weather. If your expectations are too high, and itinerary too rigid, you open yourself to disappointment if things go awry.

Man piggybacks woman as they stand on a mountain peak
A flexible itinerary will ensure you enjoy yourself if things don’t quite go to plan

Plan Special Surprises

Consider planning a surprise or two for your partner. It could be a special dinner, an excursion, or even a small gift to make the honeymoon extra memorable. If you get stuck for ideas, contact the hotel for their advice. They’ll know the local area and have likely witnessed other couples surprising each other for their honeymoon.

Stay Connected and Disconnect

Ensure you have a reliable way to stay connected with loved ones, especially if you’re travelling internationally. However, also set aside moments to disconnect and fully enjoy the experience together.

Couple stand in the water holding hands looking out at boats and distant islands
Your honeymoon is a time to connect with your partner

Capture the Memories

Bring a good camera or smartphone to capture the special moments. Consider hiring a local photographer for a professional photoshoot. Services such as Travel Shoot, connect you with local photographers to capture special moments and create beautiful memories.

Share Responsibilities

Share responsibilities in planning the honeymoon. Distributing tasks ensures that both partners are actively involved and can contribute their ideas and preferences. A honeymoon planned together is more enjoyable, knowing that you shared the effort in making it a reality.

View of the Venice main waterway lined with buildings
No matter where you go on your honeymoon, plan it together and share responsibilities

Plan for Re-entry

Plan for a day or two to decompress before returning to work. This allows you to ease back into daily life without feeling rushed or stressed. Begin your new married life in a relaxed and blissful state before everyday life kicks in.

Be Flexible and Enjoy the Journey

Finally, be flexible and open to unexpected experiences. The honeymoon is a celebration of your love and the beginning of your life together, so enjoy every moment. Discuss with your partner prior to the honeymoon, how you will deal with unexpected challenges or opportunities.

By carefully planning and considering each aspect of your honeymoon, you can create a trip that aligns with your vision and provides a wonderful start to your married life.

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