Tips for Hosting an Epic Wedding Celebration

Party on! If you want to create a fun and lively atmosphere at your wedding celebration, there are many things that you can consider. We suggest visualising the kind of celebration you and partner want and making a list of all the elements that will turn that dream into reality. From music to refreshments, rituals and surprises, create your ideal celebration and get set to party!

Music Selection

Music is key to any celebration. If you want to set the scene for your guests to chill or relax or get up and groove, carefully consider your music selection.

A live band is always a great idea. Find a musical act that plays the style of music that you and your partner like to dance to and make sure they have a full set list of songs you love. Look for a band that takes requests or can change up their set to suit the vibe of your reception.

A skilled DJ can read the crowd and play a mix of music genres to cater to different tastes. Let them know your must have tunes and any songs that you do not want played. Choose a DJ who you can communicate well with during the planning process and on the day. Make sure they are adaptable and flexible with their playlist.

Encourage guests to request songs before the wedding. You can create a meaningful and eclectic playlist that everyone will love. Guests will feel extra special when their chosen tune comes on.

Guitarist and singer play at a Farm House wedding reception

Wedding guests dance in sync on a dancefloor
Live music or an experienced DJ will ensure your dancefloor is full and lively all night long

Dance Floor Setup

If a raging dancefloor is in your vision, make sure you have the perfect set up to encourage a party atmosphere. If your intention is to have the majority of guests up and dancing, ensure your dancefloor can accommodate your numbers. Having your dancefloor easily accessible and in a prominent position will make it more inviting for guests to get up and party.

Light up your dancefloor to set the mood. Use dynamic lighting solutions to create the atmosphere you prefer. Consider using disco lights, fairy lights, or even a fog machine.

Couple dances on the dance floor under the tipi
Choose a central location for your dancefloor if you want to your guests to party all night

Unique Rituals

Guests love to get involved in interactive activities and unique rituals. They create a lively and memorable wedding celebration and keep guests entertained. You can also make lasting, tangible memories with creative ideas such as an interactive guest book or evolving live art piece.

Instead of a traditional guest book, set up an interactive one with Polaroid cameras or a video booth. Guests will love to leave lasting memories for you and your partner. Set up a canvas where guests can add to an interactive and evolving art piece. The results are unpredictable but the process will be fun for everyone.

Old fashioned pink rotary phone as a guest book alternative

Guest book alternatives - disposable camera and signed surfboard
Unique interactive activities and rituals make it fun for guests to commemorate your wedding

Signature Cocktails

Start the festivities with a celebratory drink. Create a signature cocktail to commemorate your special day and toast to a fun night ahead. Provide a non-alcoholic version for those who don’t drink. Give your drink a name that represents you and your partner or is related to your wedding theme.

Past Farm House couples have included fun drinks stations for an interactive experience with their guests. We’ve seen a “shot wall”, many fabulous Champagne towers, and an alternative “Tequila tower”. Cocktails are a huge hit with our couples with most engaging the expertise of an experienced bartender or mixologist.

Bride and groom pour champagne into a tower of champagne coupes.
Signature cocktails and drink towers create a fun, party vibe for your wedding

Games and Activities

Not every celebration is about drinking and dancing. If you have an afternoon wedding, children present, or guests who prefer a slower pace, providing games and activities is a great idea. The Farm House includes lawn games for you to use at your celebration to keep guests entertained.

Place trivia cards or conversation starters on the tables to keep guests engaged. Encouraging conversation will create a lively and social event and will help guests relax and have fun.

Kids play lawn games at the Gold Coast Farm House.
Lawn games and activities are ideal if you have little guests at your wedding

Surprise Performances

Choreographed dances are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. Guests will expect the couple to perform a dance, but incorporating the bridal party or other guests will create an unforgettable experience.

If you have a talented friend or family member, invite them to perform a song, dance, poem, or other creative piece. Whether it is heartfelt or humorous, your guests will love the surprise performance and you’ll remember it forever.

Four bridesmaids perform a choreographed dance under the naked tipi
Surprise choreographed dances or performances add a fun and spontaneous feel to your wedding celebration

Themed Décor

If you have a theme for your wedding, or you want to create a little interactive entertainment at your reception, provide an array of fun accessories for your guests. Hats, sunglasses, costumes, and other accessories will create another level of guest involvement and interaction. Dress ups encourage guests to let their inhibitions go and embrace silliness and frivolity. Incorporate your themed decor with a photo booth set up to capture fun memories of your big day.

Wedding guests dress up in fun glasses and accessories at the reception
Add a playful atmosphere at your wedding party with accessories and dress ups for guests to enjoy

Late Night Snacks

Ensure you have food and refreshments available as the party goes on. If guests are dancing and moving about, they’ll want to refuel to keep their energy levels up. Arrange for a food truck or snack bar to serve up late-night bites or offer grazing platters with a variety of tasty treats. Keep your guests hydrated with water stations and flavored mineral waters for refreshment breaks.

A tray full of sliders for late night wedding snacks.
Keep your party guests fueled with late night snacks and hydrating drinks

Incorporate Cultural Traditions

The Farm House is a great wedding venue if you want to include cultural traditions or rituals. The blank canvas makes it easy to decorate or incorporate your customs. We have hosted weddings with dancing dragons, large drums and gongs, traditional ceremony screening, and room for cultural dance performances. However you envision your celebration, we can make it happen at the Gold Coast Farm House.

Newlywed couple wear traditional Vietnamese red robes while dancing with dragon dancers on the lawn
The Farm House is an ideal venue to include your traditional and cultural rituals