Summer Wedding Checklist

Summer weddings are fabulous at the Gold Coast Farm House. The rolling hills and outdoor venue offer a festival vibe with a relaxed feel , with plenty of creative ways to escape the heat. Even though the Gold Coast summer can be extreme, it is still a popular time of year to get hitched. Being prepared for unexpected weather events and hot temperatures will ensure your summer wedding is a memorable success.

We have compiled a checklist of important things to consider when planning your summer wedding.

Little boy poses with his newlywed parents. He is eating an icecream.

Ceremony Location

If you’re choosing the Gold Coast Farm House, there are many options for creating a summer friendly wedding. Ideally you should view the property around the same date and time you are considering for your wedding. Take note of shaded areas and those that are in full sun. Consider the way the sun sets and where the coolest spots will be for your ceremony.

If you have your heart set on a particular locale for your nuptials, find out what time it will be in the shade and adjust your schedule accordingly. Alternatively, choose a place, such as under the Tallow-wood tree to exchange your vows. Not only do you and your love need to be in the shade but your need plenty of space for your guests to feel comfortable as they witness your ceremony.

Bride and groom have their wedding ceremony under an old tallow-wood tree

Reception Considerations

Your reception options will be dictated by the number of guests at your summer wedding. There are plenty of options for you to host a cool and comfortable celebration. For intimate weddings or elopements, the deck of the house is a fabulous option, with beautiful views of the property.

A tipi wedding is always a good choice in summer. Having multiple tents set up with different zones for dining, dancing, and relaxing, will make for a comfortable and relaxed venue for you and your guests. An open air dining experience is also wonderful in summer. Just be sure to have a plan B if the weather is not on your side.

Reception tables set up in the open air

Outdoor wedding reception set up at the farm.

Summer Wedding Schedule

Midday is obviously the hottest part of the day. If you can hold off on your ceremony and reception until later in the afternoon, you and guests will be much more comfortable. Not only will the temperature drop, but there will be more shaded areas on the property for your guests to enjoy.

An afternoon ceremony, followed by refreshments and lawn games is a wonderful way to ease into the night of dining, drinking, and dancing. Offer parasols and umbrellas for extra shade and consider a gelato cart or premade cocktail to keep your guests cool as you have your photos taken on the Farm.

Newlyweds enjoy an icecream from the mobile gelato cart

Umbrella provides shade to the outdoor grazing station

Photography Times and Locations

Yor schedule should also take into consideration your photography needs. Ideally, you don’t want full sun, so involve your photographer in your planning. If they cannot view the property prior to your wedding day, take photos and videos for them of the areas where you would like to be captured. Trust their expertise when it comes to photographing a summer wedding.

Dress for the Heat

Brides, forget heavy fabrics and structured gowns. Instead, go for flowing dresses made from breathable materials with minimal adornments. If you do want a more formal wedding dress for the ceremony, consider changing into a summer friendly party dress for the reception. Up styles for your hair will be cooler and less likely to be affected by heat and humidity. Keep your makeup light and natural and be sure to keep it fresh with a setting spray.

Grooms should embrace the linen trend with natural fibres for shirts and suits. If your theme allows, you can forgo jackets all together. Shorts are also an option if your wedding has a more relaxed vibe. Your gents can still look stylish with a creative spin on the classic tuxedo. Again, you can always change it up for the reception.

Couples dress for the heat of a summer wedding

Bridal party dressed for the heat at a summer wedding.

Guest Comfort

Be sure to have everything in place so your guests are not stuck out in the sun for long periods of time. Ensure their arrival is as close as possible to the ceremony start time. The air-conditioned coach is the ideal way of transporting your guests and controlling their arrival time.

Consider where your guests will congregate after the ceremony and before the reception. Offer plenty of options for them to relax and refresh away from the heat. Guests will want to sit down when it’s warm, so ensure chairs, rugs, or lounges are available. Summer on the farm is also a popular time for bugs, so keep bug protection on hand, especially at sundown.

Summer Wedding Favours

Get creative with your wedding favours by keeping your guests’ comfort in mind. Personalise your gift to commemorate your special day. Choose from practical gifts such as hand fans, sunglasses, coolers, or sunscreen. Not only will these items assist them at your celebration, but they can be used again and again.

Hydration Stations

The easiest way to keep guests cool and comfortable is by providing refreshing hydration options. Ensure there is plenty of water and ice available and that guests can easily access it throughout the day and night. Your bar staff should be encouraging guests to keep hydrated with creative options such as flavoured sparkling water and jugs of iced water with lemon and lime.

An assortment of summer cocktails for wedding guests

Summer Wedding Catering

Catering options that allow your guests to graze over the course of the afternoon and evening are great for summer weddings. Guests will want to move around and mingle when it’s hot, so having grazing platters and stations set up is ideal.

Casual dining is prefered with lighter offerings or smaller serving sizes. Fresh fruits and vegetables, cold meats and seafood, all make for a fabulous summer wedding menu. If you do want something hot, pizza or a cocktail style menu is an easy way to feed guests in the heat. Offer cooling desserts such as gelati or sorbet. A wedding cake with lots of fresh fruit garnish is also lovely in summer.

Guests hold pizza boxes filled with pizza and Italian finger food.

Music Selection

Allow your music to relflect the vibe you are wanting to create. Live acoustic music is lovely for a summer afternoon on the lawn, as the sun sets. A live band or DJ can read the energy of the crowd and adjust their set to suit. You might find that guests will want to chill out or it might be a case of shoes off and dancing the night away. Having a flexible music solution is the best for any wedding celebration.

Back Up Plan

With any outdoor event, it’s imperative that you have a plan B. Summer can be a time of both mild and extreme weather events, so be prepared. You might have your heart set on a completely open air event, but be sure to have a covered area available if conditions go awry. The venue coordinators can help you choose solutions and back up plans to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Bride and groom stand under clear umbrellas for their outdoor ceremony in the rain.