Bride with blonde hair wears a white wedding dress, hold hands with groom wearing taupe 3 piece suit

Everlasting Love | Our Year in Review

2022 started with a bang! Dragons descended upon the Farm House lawns and the bride and groom wore red! The newlyweds entered their reception to the rhythmic beating of drums and the party was in full swing.

Emili and Khoa’s multicultural festival of love kicked off the 2022 wedding season at the Gold Coast Farm House and the fun hasn’t stopped. Joy, gratitude, love, and laughter were the key, constant themes at each of this year’s weddings.

A relaxation on Covid restrictions saw large gatherings and intimate celebrations alike. The only unforeseeable challenge couples were faced with this year was the rain. While most weddings were spared, a few required some last minute, creative solutions.

While all our Farm House weddings were different, there were some recurring elements that proved very popular with couples and guests.

Wardrobe Changes

It’s not every day that you get married, so why not wear more than one outfit to celebrate your special day? This year saw some fabulous wardrobe changes from our wonderful couples.

Some of the outfit changes were due to cultural traditions, while others were just for fun. Outfits for the ceremony were more formal, with full length gowns and suiting, or layers of traditional cultural wedding costume. Once the formalities were done, grooms discarded their jackets and rolled up their trousers, while brides changed completely into festive party dresses.

Shoes were optional on the dance floor with comfort taking priority once the sun went down and the music got loud.

Newly wed couple wear traditional Bangladeshi wedding clothes and adornments.
Couples changed from traditional and formal ceremony attire into more party friendly clothes for the reception

Champagne Towers – and One Tequila Tower

If you want to create a memorable celebration, it’s hard to go past a champagne tower. 2022 saw this showstopping interactive display come back in style, providing a fabulous photo opportunity and exciting party starter.

One creative couple took the concept to the next level offering a tequila tower, with shots to get the dancefloor pumping. Revellers at Morgan and Kurt’s wedding were drawn to the neon “You had me at tequila” sign, with a cheeky little drop to get the party started. And it worked.

Tequila shot tower
Try a Tequila tower as a modern take on the traditional Champagne tower

Colour Made a Comeback

While a classic white wedding will never go out of style, this year saw a shift from the neutral tones of the boho chic aesthetic to bright pops and full colour explosions. Not only were the flower trends moving towards brighter colour palettes, but wedding party fashion, along with the bride and groom took a more vibrant turn.

It was truly refreshing to see colour come back into wedding themes and we predict that this is just the beginning of a new trend for 2023.

Newly married couple wear red clothing surrounded by Chinese dragon dancers

Street Food

The Gold Coast Farm House is an ideal wedding venue for all types of catering. While the traditional seated meal is still popular, street food is definitely the best way to cater a modern wedding. Food trucks, grazing platters, pizza, burgers, and barbeques, were the catering stars of 2022.

We can’t help but think we played a part in their popularity however, with our enthusiastic recommendations for our favourite culinary vendors. Did someone say, “The Italian Job”? We’ll be there!

Street food truck serves drinks and snacks at wedding reception
Food trucks serving street food are becoming popular at modern weddings


One of the wonderful things about hosting your wedding at the Gold Coast Farm House is that we are a dog friendly wedding venue. We can’t get enough of them!

2022 saw an abundance of four legged friends attending their owners’ weddings. Many of the gorgeous pooches played a role in the ceremony as ring bearers and wedding party members. Donning bow ties, waistcoats, and cute dresses, these fur babies were almost the stars of the show.

Dogs at a wedding are always welcome at the Farm House
Dogs are always welcome at a Gold Coast Farm House wedding

Cultural Traditions and Ceremonies

Australia is blessed with a multicultural population with folks from all walks of life calling the island nation home. The Gold Coast Farm House has been honoured to host both modern and traditional weddings this year, with some spectacular celebrations and awe inspiring moments.

We saw Chinese dragon dancers, traditional Bangladeshi gate ceremonies, henna adorned hands, and interlocking lightsabers. You heard right. Possibly our most memorable wedding of the year was held on May the 4th, Star Wars Day.

Hayden and Emily hosted a surprisingly elegant Star Wars themed wedding with nods to their favourite movie. The pair celebrated their first dance with a lightsaber duel, with the bridal party joining in the fun.

Couple have Jedi lightsaber duel as their first dance
A Star Wars themed wedding includes a Lightsaber duel as the first dance

While bidding farewell to 2022 at the Farm House leaves us feeling a little melancholy, we know that 2023 will bring even more memorable moments, immense joy, and everlasting love. Bring it on!