Bridal party pose with cocktails wearing a colour palette of sage green and neutrals

How to Choose a Wedding Colour Palette

There is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing your wedding colour palette. Provided you go for a theme that represents you and your partner, there is an endless selection of tones and hues for you to choose from. You might have had your colours picked out for years, or you might be stuck on multiple options or none at all.

Fashion trends may be important to you, or a timeless look might suit you better. You and you partner may have a signature colour that your friends and family associate with you specifically, or a favourite flower that you’d love to use in your decorations.

A wedding colour theme can be as simple as black and white or feature all the colours of the rainbow. If you’re struggling to pin point your preferred wedding color palette, follow our advice below to help you make this important decision.

Follow the Latest Trends

If you’ve followed our real life weddings or any other wedding magazine or vendor, you’ll see the colour schemes that have been having a moment in the spotlight – did someone say “Sage Green”? Trends happen in all areas of fashion, but they tend to have a little more longevity in the wedding fashion arena.

With neutrals and soft shades dominating our regular fashion runways, it makes sense that we’ve seen them making their way down the aisle. With bohemian styling having a major fashion moment, these colours have dominated weddings in the past few years.

2023 continues to see these colours influence our Farm House weddings as they work so beautifully with our outdoor setting. Other colours you’ll see more of this year are Earth tones, lavender, dusty rose and yellow.

Your wedding colour palette can be inspired by current fashion trends

Go for the Classics

If you want a timeless wedding that exudes elegance and style, classic colour palettes are a wise choice. You’re less likely to regret your choices and more inclined to look back at your photos if you go for a classic colour scheme.

Sophisticated black and white will set the tone for a classic wedding colour scheme with soft tones of white, cream, or pink flowers. Pops of silver or gold add a luxe feel but shouldn’t be over done if you want your look to remain timeless.

If in doubt, a classic colour scheme is chic and timeless

Pick your Favourite

If you’re feeling stuck choosing a colour palette for your wedding, start with your favourite. A colour that brings you joy is a great starting point when deciding on your theme. If it is shade that both you and your partner love, even better.

Remember, you are the ones who will be looking back at photos of your big day, so be sure to choose elements that you know you’ll love for years to come.

Use your favourite colour as the inspiration for your wedding colour scheme

Be Inspired by Nature

The Gold Coast Farm House offers an amazing location for your wedding, with the National Park forming a natural backdrop of green around the perimeter. Natural elements such as trees, flowers, lakes, and even the sunset, provide beautiful inspiration for a stunning wedding colour palette.

Choosing colours that work harmoniously with your natural surrounds creates an effortless wedding colour scheme that is pleasing to the eye and looks beautiful in photos. Native flowers and foliage look elegant and harmonious paired with classic black and white or whimsical when used with neutral, bohemian inspired themes.

Colour palettes inspired by nature are an ideal choice for weddings at the Farm House

Wedding Colour Palette Inspiration

Browse our website and socials to discover how our real life couples have styled their Gold Coast Farm House weddings. We’ve had nearly every colour palette imaginable with new inspiration hitting our venue weekly. Just when we think we’ve seen every wedding theme possible, a new couple blows our minds with their unique selection.

If in doubt, you can always seek the help of a professional wedding stylist to make all the hard decisions for you.

Find inspiration for your wedding colour theme by browsing our galleries, blogs, and Instagram feed