Real Grooms | Wedding Fashion for Men

When it comes to wedding fashion, it’s not just the bride who gets to shine. Today’s grooms are stepping up their style game, making bold and memorable fashion choices that reflect their personalities and the unique themes of their weddings. Here, we delve into the sartorial stylings of our Farm House grooms, serving style and flair for their big day.

From classic tuxedos to personalised, standout styles, discover how our grooms and groomsmen have been styled for their weddings. Whether you’re aiming for timeless elegance or a more contemporary vibe, get inspired by these real-life examples and dress your best on your big day.

Traditional Cultural Wedding Attire

We love seeing couples celebrate their cultures and traditions at the Gold Coast Farm House. Our versatile and welcoming space makes the perfect location for a variety of wedding celebrations. Traditional cultural wedding attire is one of our favourite aspects of these events. Both bride and groom are dressed in often vibrant and visually striking clothing that makes for stunning photos and memorable moments. Grooms in traditional dress share the spotlight with their beautiful brides while honouring and celebrating their culture.

Real Wedding Inspiration | Emili & Khoa

The Classic Black Suit

A tuxedo or classic black suit presents a timeless and elegant look for grooms and their wedding parties. The chic and stylish design of a beautifully tailored black suit works for every shape and size, creating a sharp silhouette. A black suit or tuxedo allows the bride to shine while still attracting attention. You will love looking back at your wedding album in years to come, knowing your look hasn’t dated.

Real Wedding Inspiration | Monique & Jesse

Mix and Match

We love grooms who play with fashion and creativity. Whether two grooms or a wedding party, mix and match suits look fabulous and allow for self expression. There are endless colour and style combinations for grooms to look unique and fashionable on their big day. Choose a colour palette that works and put together a wedding outfit that you look good and feel great in.

Real Wedding Inspiration | Jack & Jordan

Natural Linen Suiting

Linen is having its biggest moment in fashion history. Natural fibres and colours are as popular for weddings as they are on the runway. Natural linen or light coloured suiting creates a soft and effortless look for grooms and groomsmen. The Gold Coast Farm House provides the perfect backdrop for this relaxed style, with its lush green surrounds. Whether a spring or summer wedding or a bohemian inspired theme, the natural linen suit is a look worth considering.

Real Wedding Inspiration | Kelly & Keenan

Wedding Blues

Don’t be afraid to introduce colour into your wedding wardrobe. Shades of blue are the perfect choice to compliment a romantic bridal gown and delicate flowers. Blues can also be a more flattering alternative to black for many men. The soft and natural backdrop of an outdoor Farm House wedding works beautifully with blues and greys.

Real Wedding Inspiration | Claire & Rachel

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