Creating a Memorable Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. It is a time of new beginnings and monumental celebration. Creating a memorable wedding ceremony is essential for you and your partner. Your friends and family will also love to witness an unforgettable celebration of your union. There are many ways to create a memorable wedding ceremony. The most important point to remember is to be true to you and your beloved. A wedding ceremony full of love and emotion will never be forgotten.

Aerial view of a wedding ceremony set up at the point of the lake

Find the Right Celebrant

Weddings at the Farm House are usually officiated by celebrants with a knack for creating heartfelt ceremonies. Finding the right person to guide you through the most important part of your big day is essential. Your celebrant will help set the tone of your celebration, showcasing your unique personalities through their words and delivery.

Take your time to find the right person to officiate your marriage. You both need to feel comfortable and at ease with your celebrant, so choosing someone who you have a good rapport with will ensure your ceremony is memorable and meaningful. Communication is key, so ensure they are available and happy to liaise with you throughout your planning stage.

Bride and groom have their wedding ceremony under the 100 year old tree on the farm

Personalised Vows

Personalised vows always create a more intimate and heartfelt ceremony. If you are struggling to come up with vows and words to share, your celebrant will be able to guide you. Be sure to express yourself in a way that is authentic to you and your partner, incorporating humour and fun if that is your style.

If you are keeping your vows a secret from your partner, run them by your celebrant before your ceremony. They will ensure that you and your partner are in sync with the tone and sentiment of your message and that your wedding will memorable and meaningful.

Bride reads her vows to her groom at their farm wedding ceremony

Incorporating Cultural and Religious Traditions

Outdoor farm weddings can still incorporate religious and cultural traditions. You don’t need to have your wedding ceremony in a church or special building to feel connected to your faith or culture. You can choose who officiates your wedding and include any traditions or customs you desire. From traditional attire to rituals and practices, you can create a memorable ceremony that is true to your beliefs and culture.

couple wear traditional Vietnamese wedding attire surrounded by dancing dragons and drummers

Choosing Meaningful Readings or Poems

Words are what make a wedding ceremony meaningful and heartfelt. The vows you say to one another and the sentiment you share with your guests, create lasting memories. Incorporating readings or poems into your ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate your union with your partner and guests. Involve loved ones to read meaningful prose, stories, or anecdotes that lend themselves to the tone and sentiment of your wedding.

close up image of bride reading her vows

Including Loved Ones

Friends and family love to be involved in your ceremony. From the wedding party to a special reading, it’s always memorable to include your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re a bride or a groom, the walk down the aisle with a parent/s or special person is a highlight of the day. Make it a moment to remember by sharing a few words as they hand you over to your beloved. Many couples involve both sets of parents in a “giving away” ritual before the wedding ceremony.

Loved ones can be included in your wedding ceremony in many creative ways. You might have a musician, singer, or performer in the family who would love to share their talent. You could also create a unity ritual or ceremony that involves your friends and family.

wedding ceremony includes children and friends reading special messages.

Symbolic Gestures

Your culture or faith might have a specific ritual that is performed at weddings. If not, there are many ways to incorporate symbolic gestures into your ceremony. You can have a hand tie ceremony that signifies your union, or light a “family” candle to honour new beginnings. Plant a tree together or perform a sand ceremony, that symbolises two families coming together as one. Choose a ritual that has historical meaning or create a new one that is unique to you and your partner.

Traditional Bangladeshi wedding ceremony at the farm house

Creating an Intimate Atmosphere

Create lasting memories by making your guests feel part of your ceremony. Choose a location where you can encourage an intimate gathering of your loved ones. Circular or arched placement of chairs creates a feeling of closeness and belonging. Be sure to arrange guests where everyone can see you and witness your ceremony with ease. Music, lighting, and décor can also play a part in creating an intimate and inclusive atmosphere for your wedding ceremony.

Boy plays acoustic guitar at intimate outdoor wedding

Incorporating Personal Touches

Make your wedding ceremony a true reflection of you and your partner. Infuse your personalities and interests into the ceremony by sharing your favourite songs, displaying  photos, or creatively incorporating your hobbies. Get creative and have fun with your partner, coming up with memorable ways to commemorate your union. This could also be a secret gesture that only the two of you are witness to.

Brides greet their pet dog during the wedding ceremony

Including Children or Pets

The old adage, “Never work with children or animals”, does not apply to weddings. In fact, you can enrich your ceremony and make it unforgettable by including kids and pets. You are among family and friends so everyone will be excited and thrilled to see little ones and furry friends at your celebration. Be sure to dress them in something adorable and get plenty of photos to look back on.

A groom stands at the wedding ceremony location by the lake with his dog

Adding Surprise Elements

Everyone loves an unexpected surprise at a wedding. Whether this is in the form of a special guest or a fun gesture, your ceremony will be unforgettable if you add something surprising and unpredictable. This could be the way you arrive or how you complete your ceremony. Come in on a helicopter or engage your friends in a flash mob celebration to signify your union. There are many ways to add small or grand surprises to your big day.

Rehearsing for a Smooth Ceremony

While a wedding can be memorable because something goes awry, it’s preferable to have a smooth ceremony that goes to plan. Rehearsing your ceremony and ensuring any additional elements are working, will give you peace of mind that all your wedding dreams will come true. Test music and sound equipment, make sure you have enough furniture, and check you have the rings!

Groom puts ring on bride's finger at their lakeside wedding ceremony

Reflecting on the Journey

While your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, it can go by so fast without you taking it all in. Take quiet moments with your beloved throughout the day and night to reflect on your time together. Before rushing off for photographs after the ceremony, spend some quality time with your partner to reflect on the words you just shared and the significant life event that just occurred. The day is all about the two of you and you don’t want it to get away from you.

Brides hold hands as they walk together after their wedding ceremony

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